Throughout the year placement auditions are taken by contacting SOGO at

Musicians are asked to perform a solo or etude of their choice, sight-read, and take a music theory test. Those in 9th grade and above must also prepare the audition excerpt.

Plan 12 minutes for the placement audition and 20 minutes for the theory test. Students in elementary study page 1 of the test, middle school pages 1 and 2, and high school and college prepare for the entire test.

  • Placement audition fee: $45.00 non-refundable
  • Tuition fee: Musicians joining mid-year have tuition fees prorated 70% for 2 concerts and 40% for 1 concert. Tuition must be paid on or before the 1st rehearsal by cash, check or credit card. Fees for the full year (3 concerts): Debut $450, Academy $475, Conservatory $550.
  • Financial support: Payment plans can be worked out by contacting SOGO at and limited financial scholarships are available for 50% of tuition.

More information on tuition, scholarships, student expectations, concert dress, music, and other related information can be found in the Musician’s Handbook. If you have any other questions about auditions, please contact SOGO.